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FREJA is a private importer with many years of experience in importing food, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, olives, peanut butter, natural honey, meat, dairy and juices.
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We do our best to meet the needs of consumers, expand the range of products we offer by providing high quality service, maintaining and strengthening the reputation of a stable և reliable partner.
We Appreciate our partners
We work not only with food and beverage companies, but also with all HoReCa points, offering them a wide range of quality products. We do our bests to meet the needs of consumers, expand the range of products we offer by providing high quality service, maintaining and strengthening the reputation of a stable և reliable partner.


ARAX tarragon infused vodka is one of the most unique and appealing among our products. It is a combination of; - fresh hand-picked tarragon, indeed the softest and juiciest green in the world that grows in Armenia, - clear alcohol obtained by distillation several times - and natural mineral water from the virgin / untouched underground sources of Armenia that is considered one of the most delicious and purest one. Tarragon is a key ingredient to our vodka and gives a special touch to it. It is a perfect drink on any occasion, pairs with fish dishes as well as any hearty snack. Feel the freshness of mountains, taste the quality and perfection in every drop of ARAXVODKA Drink it chilled.   Caution: It can blow your mind!

  • Forest Goods

    Forest was created to fulfill a simple, but important goal: bringing you foods with highest quality and greatest value from all over the world. At Forest, we are focusing only on foods made from real and natural ingredients, without use of any artificial ingredients, colors, flavors or preservatives. We are committed to sourcing products that are not genetically modified (non-GMO) and certified Organic whenever possible. Our facilities are certified HACCP and ISO, and are quality checked and continuously monitored by recognized organizations. At Forest, we are passionate about good, healthy food and well-being! “Forest” is the name of our little chameleon that symbolizes diversity, transparency and uniqueness. Little Forest was born with a strong urge for travelling and great curiosity for everything new, bright and most importantly - tasty! As all the chameleons, Forest has ability to mimic. However, unlike other chameleons, she changes her colors only when eating something delicious and healthy. Better the taste - more beautiful her colors. One day in 2019 Forest left her home with an important mission - to travel the world and bring us the most unique, delicious and healthy products.

  • Siouras

    The company Siouras SA was founded in 1926, aiming exclusively at the production of excellent quality Greek table olives. Our facilities are situated in Volos, a city with rich olive production, between the famous mountain of Pelion and the Pagasitic Gulf. The company is privately owned and is runned by the third generation, which promises a combination of tradition, experience and introduction of new technologies. Since 1926, Siouras Company invests in introducing Greek Olives around the world. We combine many decades of experience with intensive technical and academic knowledge to success in worldwide market & international sales. Our aim is to deliver a premium product in a variety of packaging. Combining several decades of experience with modern technological equipment and knowledge, we aim to succeed in the global market and in international sales.

  • Biopek

    We have chosen to valorize the best of Sicilian cheese-making tradition, offering consumers high-quality cheeses, produced in compliance with the customs and traditions of Sicily, guaranteeing maximum safety hygiene and quality. Biopek with its modern installations, respects the tradition.


    Located in the province of Cuneo, on the border with the Langhe, Biraghi SpA was born in 1934, founded by Ferruccio Biraghi.  Thanks to the combination of traditional craftsmanship and the use of cutting-edge technologies, Biraghi conquers a prestigious position in the production of cheeses and dairy products. Biraghi SpA continues to make massive investments in technologies and human resources, aimed at guaranteeing the highest quality of its products for its customers. Biraghi becomes synonymous with high quality and goodness not only in Italy, but internationally.

  • Boni

    Boni Spa produces Parmigiano Reggiano since 1912. Mario Boni was the one to build in Parma one of the most important dairies of that time. With the contribute of his family, he started the process that made Boni company the first producer of Parmigiano Reggiano as well as one of the major company in wholeselling and seasoning of Grana Padano. This places Boni Spa among the leading companies operating in the hard cheese sector, confirming the market's leading position with annual sales of over 15,000 tonnes. The company is now managed by the fourth Boni generation. Selling to the main national and international supermarket and distribution chains, Boni SpA, thanks to its historical experience, production capacity and quality of service has gained the trust of the market protagonists.